IFOMPT-webinar Motor control changes in low-back pain door professor Jaap van Dieën

26 nov 2019
Heb je nog niet eerder een IFOMPT-webinar gevolgd? Begin 2020 is er weer een kans. Professor Jaap van Dieën vertelt in één uur over de veranderingen in motor control bij lage-rugpijnpatiënten en de klinische implicaties hiervan.  Schrijf je vandaag nog in: er is slechts beperkt plaats!  


"Pain and especially movement-related pain is a strong stimulus to change the way we move. Consequently, differences in motor control between patients with low-back pain and healthy controls can be expected. However, studies show that these changes are not very inconsistent; large variance exists in findings on motor control between studies and between patients within studies. The theoretical approach I take in my research is to consider changes in motor control in low-back pain as outcomes of a learning process under the influence of pain and pain-related cognitions. This theory yields quite specific predictions that are largely in line with empirical observations, but that require further testing. In this webinar, I will outline this theory, describe motor control changes that we and others have observed in patients with low-back pain and finally I will discuss clinical implications."


Dinsdag 14 januari 2020 om 20.00 uur (Nederlandse tijd)
Donderdag 30 januari 2020 om 10.00 uur (Nederlandse tijd)
Kosten: 40 NZD (ongeveer 23 euro)
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